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Sustainable Energy Management, Univ. of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza has been a member of EUREC since 2002. Renewable Energy Education and Research is managed through the CIRCE Institute – Centro de Investigación de Recursos y Consumos Energéticos (CIRCE). CIRCE was established in 1993 by the University of Zaragoza, the ENDESA Group and the Regional Goverment of Aragón. Its objectives are research, technological development, technology transfer and promotion of innovative solutions in the fields of energy and sustainable resources management. It also provides high-level postgraduate training. CIRCE now enjoys an international reputation in these disciplines.

Venue: Edificio CIRCE / Campus Rio Ebro / Mariano Esquillor Gomez, 15 / 50018 ZARAGOZA (Spain)

Practical Information

Teaching Methods

The modules are:

1. Socio-economic aspects of the energy;
2. Renewable energy markets;
3. Electricity and efficiency energy markets;
4. Systems and tools for energy management;
5. Start up and management of energy services companies and projects.

Teaching will be based on lectures, laboratories, conferences, tutorials and visits given through all the subjects. In order to reinforce the significant learning, active teaching methodologies such as project-based learning or case study will be also used. Sessions will be scheduled Monday to Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Each session will have an approximate duration of 4 hours. The students will be provided with all necessary teaching materials. Furthermore conferences of specialised companies working in different stages of the sustainable energy sector are planned as well as a visit to the Spanish Market and Electricity System Operators.

Detailed syllabus in pdf format

Starting Day: presentation of the course

Research Activities
The areas of CIRCE involved in the specialisation are focused on the following research activities:

  • Life cycle assessment of processes, products and services
  • Energy-based characterisation of industrial and activity sectors
  • Business eco-innovation and green economy
  • Energy and sustainability socioeconomic studies
  • Energy and carbon evaluation, monitoring and assessment
  • Energy and energy efficiency management systems
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