EUREC Master student interview

The University of Salamanca and The Chronicle of Salamanca interviewed one of EUREC Master student, Helena Villanueva Riesco.

She started biology at the University of Salamanca and after a year managed to enroll in biotechnology. The last year of her studies she went to the other side of the world, to Australia.

She is currently studying our European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management (SESyM) at Hanze University of Applied Sciences and is following the specialisation in System Innovation Management.

She points out that during her specialisation, she is studying “the application of new models and innovation to respond to current energy challenges and those that may arise in the future”.

Asked what she values most in the programme, she answers:” In SESyM we do many practical cases based on real projects, so we are trained to face reality from simulations of real situations. First we study the theoretical basis and, once we have the foundations, we move from one practical case to another. Communication skills, teamwork, analysis and synthesis skills are highly valued.

In addition, in classes, participation, asking questions and suggestions to improve the programme is seen as a very positive contribution from students.”

Read here the entire article in Spanish